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The Aspire Team is always looking for your feedback to help us give praise where it's due.

Whether you're an Aspire Staff member or a Customer of Landsec, please let us have
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Every month a ‘Player / Team of the Month’ is selected from nominations by you, other Aspire team members and Landsec Customers. Winners receive a certificate and some well-deserved prizes.

It is a credit to everyone that each month lots of nominations are received, illustrating just how good the Aspire team is and how Aspire members are held in such high regard by the people they work with. In fact, on many occasions the nominations have been so compelling that multiple awards have been made.

How do your workmates
excel in the Aspire Values?

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  • Accountability

    Grab opportunities for success. Take responsibility for your own success and that of everyone around you. Grab opportunities to work together to deliver great experiences for our Customers.

  • Service Delivery

    Be sure you understand your customers and don’t let them down. Across the company, our external and internal customers’ expectations should drive our priorities. Be proud to help. If something doesn’t benefit the customer question why we do it.

  • Principle

    Be open, honest, reliable and consistent. Be someone people can trust. If you say you’ll do something, do it. Consider the consequences of your actions. Don’t hide from difficult situations. And if you’re faced with a tough decision, think what your role models would do.

  • Innovation

    Be open to new ways of doing things. Whatever your role, question assumptions, challenge the status quo and keep looking for better results. Draw from each person’s unique knowledge and experience. Bring your imagination to work and share your ideas - today’s unusual thought might be tomorrow’s ground-breaking solution.

  • Respect

    Be fair with everyone. Be aware of other people’s strengths and weaknesses, and value different background and perspectives. Have high expectations of your colleagues and give people opportunities to shine. If you disagree with someone say so, explaining why. If in doubt, treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself.

  • Excellence

    Be the best possible version of you. Aim to be consistently excellent not occasionally brilliant. Push yourself and your team to constantly improve and be truly best in class. If something is holding you back ask for help - we can all achieve more together.

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