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Our aim is to create a combined team with a strong culture and a Customer Service mind-set working together to bring Landsec values to life every day, delivering best in class service and creating a supportive environment for our operatives to flourish and develop.

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Aspire Champion

The role & responsibilities

Landsec manages a range of Service Partners across a number of service streams, so to help manage the work flow efficiently, we have dedicated an Aspire KPI Working Group to each stream.  An Aspire Champion is the chairman of the working group and has specific roles within the groups management. They are the main point of contact and oversee each Service Partner’s performance to help maximise efficiency.

Booklet available on request

KPI Scorecard Assessment Criteria

How to assess your standards

Members will be issued a KPI Scorecard to assess the performance of your team. These booklets outline details of the service KPIs you will be assessed on, with each service requiring monthly feedback on the KPI Scorecard.

Booklets available on request

- Front Of House

- Security

- Cleaning

- Mechanical, Electrical & Building Fabric (MEBF)

- Waste Management

Aspire Peak District Challenge

Hikers Guide 2018

The Aspire Peak District Challenge 2018 is an event in which members will attempt to cross the steep limestone valleys of central England, with the aim to raise money for The Honeypot Children’s Charity. Walkers will be attempting either the
25km Copper or 50km Bronze hikes.

Aspire Governance



This range of PDF documents has been produced to help create one team with one vision.
If you need further information regarding any of the items covered, please contact Aspire.


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